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Volunteer Application

The application process allows us to ensure that the children we work with are kept safe. If you are interested in volunteering for CEF of Greater Portland, please visit our Volunteer Application Process page.

Training Resources

CYIA Training

2023 Registration forms:

CYIA Application (Under 18)

CYIA Medical Questionnaire

Why Training Is Important

CEF Press

CEF Press® produces and distributes Bible and missionary lessons for use in teaching children to help accomplish the goals of the ministry.

Teaching materials are available to the public. Give us a call or feel free to Visit our web store. Many products are translated into some 189 different languages and distributed around the world.

Volunteer Training Videos

Training videos are here to help you as Good News Club® teachers, new or experienced, know how to teach in club. There are basic classes that are for new teachers or people who are interested in what our training is like. There are also advanced classes for more experienced teachers that go beyond the basics we teach in our clubs. These are helpful for those who cannot attend our regular trainings but can watch on their own time.

Visit the Media page to view our training videos.